A full service Commercial janitorial cleaning service company.


Serving both commercial and residential customers, our professional crew can make your carpet, upholstery, tile and grout look brand-new.

Select one of our services:

We can take over the responsibility of maintaining your building’s cleanings and can offer you the following cleaning services:
Porters for daily duties in order to keep your building looking clean throughout the day.Janitors for nightly duties in order to ensure your building will open fresh and clean every morning. Window Cleaners to keep your window view look great. Floor Cleaners to keep your carpet and tile looking new.
We offer other Building Maintenance plans and can accommodate your building’s needs.

Sharp Cleaning Services LLC provides a wide range of commercial cleaning and residential cleaning services. We have earned a reputation through the Fargo/Moorhead area for the exceptional quality of work we do, and the personal services we provide. We know that you are stretched thinner than ever before, both at work and at home, and there never seems to be enough time to do everything that needs to be done. That’s where we can help. We invite you to learn more about who we are and the cleaning services we do.

Sharp Cleaning Services LLC is here to clean the carpets and upholstery of your hotel, motel, bed and breakfast, school, daycare center, restaurant, place of worship, office or store. Our experienced technicians will come to your business, assess what you would like cleaned and write up a free estimate. We understand that the deep cleaning of your carpets and upholstery is probably not the first thing on your mind when you start the workday. However, in order to get the most out of those investments, they need to be occasionally deep cleaned to assure their longevity and appeal. Have a look at our services to see all Sharp Cleaning Services LLC can do for your business.

Proper maintenance of floors is often overlooked but plays a critical role in your property’s image. In almost every case, a clean and shiny floor will lead to higher sales or higher property values and sends a message to everyone who walks in the door.

Each type of floor requires a different approach. Our team has received extensive training in all areas of floor maintenance to ensure your floors look their best! Hiring the wrong company can end up being very costly and disturbing to your business or property. Our experience and know-how allow us to deliver the results you need at the right price.

Floor Care Services:
Floor stripping and floor waxing
Floor sealing
Floor scrub and recoat
Floor scrubbing and buffing
Acid deep scrub for tile
Floor burnishing

We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly window cleaning. If you are a multi-location chain or a local Mom and Pop storefront, our weekly route work is dependable and affordable. We keep your store’s appearance looking great all year long. Our window cleaning services include the exterior glass washed, squeegee dried and sills/frames wiped clean. We also include the inside glass door free of charge each time. Many food establishments need the glass cleaned inside and out weekly to maintain the clean sanitary appearance needed when offering food products to the public. We make sure your store stays appealing and sanitary looking at all times.

Water damage often occurs without warning; a pipe break or your sump pump fails, leaving you and your family in a precarious situation. It is important to take care of water or flood damage as soon as possible because as long as the water is there the damage continues. The concern here is what is known as secondary damage or moisture damage. Secondary water damage occurs when the air has absorbed as much moisture as it can leading the surplus moisture to attack the surroundings. Sheetrock will sag, hardwood floors will buckle, vinyl flooring will separate from its base, ceiling tiles will crack and bacteria will begin to grow rapidly.

To prevent this, Sharp Cleaning Services LLC has a 24-hour emergency water damage restoration service. Once the problem pipe or leak has been stopped then we get to work. We have water extraction trucks to pump out any large
bodies of liquid from your property and many industrial vacuums to remove all the rest. We can remove the moisture from your walls as well. Once the water is removed the cleaning process begins.

Next is the sanitizing procedure where Sharp Cleaning Services LLC carefully goes through the affected area to kill any bacteria left behind by the water damage. Our high-grade air movers and dehumidifiers are set up to make sure that secondary water damage will cease and desist. While the excess moisture is removed from the air of your residence or commercial business we assess the damage done to your carpets and furniture.

Now that you have invested so much time, money and effort into remodeling or building your new office space, or new home- we’re certain you’ll want its final presentation to be clean and beautiful. Consider our affordable post construction cleaning service. It’s perfect for any construction company of any size and for any job small or large. Our prices are not only affordable they are the most affordable professional clean up service you can hire in the Fargo/Moorhead area.

Facilities We Serve

• Banks and Other Financial Institutions
• Car Dealerships
• Common Areas, Large and Small
• Construction Sites
• Event Halls
• Homeowner’s Associations
• Medical Facilities
• Office Parks
• Offices, Large and Small
• Real Estate Agencies
• Retail Stores
• Schools and Universities